Will it be a relaxation massage or a therapeutic treatment?

You can opt for receiving a relaxation massage or therapeutic treatment addressing a complaint. A relaxation massage aims to let you relax tasty and then I will massage your whole body. In a therapeutic treatment I focus mainly on areas and the meridians that need attention in order to treat the complaint.

What to expect

A relaxation massage session lasts 1 or 1,5 hour. You can choose a combination massage Swedisch/Shiatsu with oil or a classic Shiatsu massage. With the therapeutic massage, before addressing your complaints, I will ask some questions about your physical and mental health. The nature and length of the treatment and the number of sessions can vary widely because it is related to the type of problem, its duration and the use of medication.

Prior to the massage and your clothing

Note: preferably abstain from eating a full meal 1.5 hours before the start of the massage. A light meal or a snack is preffered. The combination massage with oil is on the massagetable and without clothing. During this classic massage you will be lightly dressed . I will massage through your clothing and will use no oils. Please wear clean and easy fitting clothing in which you can freely move, preferably cotton. A t-shirt with long sleeves, thin pants and socks would be fine .

Jan van der Worp


Massage is a matter of trust. I will endeavour to make you feel at ease. Confidentiality and privacy in the treatment are essential to me.

After the massage

The effect of massage is best felt, and will also endure longer, if there is a spiritual and physical period of rest after the massage. Therefore allow yourself the present of relax time around your massage appointment, and enjoy rest and attention for yourself.