Shiatsu Massage

What is Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage technique that works mainly with light pressure point massage. This technique is based on energy lines and energy points all over your body that have a corresponding links to your various organs. I can stimulate these points by exerting pressure with my hand, thumb, elbow and knee. Stretch and rotation techniques may also help in opening up your energy channels. Shiatsu helps to restore energy balance and reset your body and mind balance. A body with a good energy balance is basically healthy.

What Shiatsu is for

Shiatsu is always good as relaxation massage and will be preventative in supporting your energy balance. This relaxation massage can be classic or with oil. Shiatsu can be used in various treatments, including: –┬áStress-related complaints, – Emotional symptoms, – Menstrual and menopausal symptoms, – Digestive complaints, – Fluid retention, – Muscle and joint pain, – Lower back pain, – Fatigue, – Withdrawal symptoms.

Shiatsu for whom?

For you!

Shiatsu is for everyone. It does not matter if you are very thin or heavy set, whether you are gay or straight, what skin colour you have, whether young or old. Do you experience any feelings of shame or do you have doubts? Please feel free to contact me.


For children suffering from either overweight, feelings of uncertainty or ADHD, Shiatsu massage can have a beneficial effect. During the massage there is a period of peace and undivided attention for the body, which brings a new experience for many children . Treatment of children is always done in close consultation with parents or caretakers.

Elderly persons

For many elderly people, personal attention and physical touch no longer are everyday matters and cannot be taken for granted. Shiatsu massage often has a relaxing and healing effect. People with the Alzheimer’s disease may also greatly enjoy this massage. If serious physical complaints exist, treatment can be adjusted accordingly: massage while sitting in a chair, wheelchair – even staying in bed is possible.