Education & Vision

My training

I am a qualified Shiatsu therapist having finished a three-year training at the Institute of Shiatsu Massage Therapy (Academy Qing – Bai), The full training consists of an initial year for basic and relaxation massage. The two-year subsequent specialization in Shiatsu therapy focuses on assessing complaints and giving specific therapeutic treatment. Also I followed an additional year training of Applied (western) Medical Knowledge.
Recently I followed the training for abdominal and organ massage, Chi Nei Tsang.

Shiatsu and Western Medicine

The treatment and care with Western or Oriental medicine are very different but they can be complementary. The combination is often enjoyable and successful. Western medicine focuses on symptom management and in treatments medication or surgery are used. The various Oriental medicines look more at the overall energy balance and to people and their health as a whole. They encourage people to repair their own body. Both views have their own value and it is a challenge to get the best of both worlds and dovetail them if possible. Shiatsu therapy can be used in different ways. Initial therapy with Shiatsu may be appropriate to alleviate complaints. In addition, Shiatsu is often useful as a secondary treatment to support and complement Western medicine, for example, after a heavy medical intervention during cancer treatment or after psychotherapy. For clients, it is important for you to know that there are no obstacles to combine Shiatsu with current Western medical treatments. If necessary I will refer a client to a medical doctor.