Why did I choose Shiatsu?

At various times in my life I came into contact with Oriental medicine and Shiatsu, at first even unaware. Initially it was during a journey through China and Tibet, over 25 years ago. Subsequently during various relaxation massages and management training.

Starting in 1989 I have worked as a manager in the sectors of care, welfare and education.
Since 1999, I work as an independent interim manager, management coach and consultant.

The interim and coaching work is intensive and depends on my inner balance. Out of sheer curiosity – wondering how massage could help me with my inner my balance, I entered into training for Shiatsu Massage.

Having had experience in the Western medical world I was sceptic about the results of Shiatsu might have, besides pure relaxation. During my basic training, however, I became more and more convinced of the value of Shiatsu and of the value of ancient knowledge in Oriental medicine as treatment methods.
Therefore in addition to my work as interim manager I continued to study as a Shiatsu therapist. Now I am able to dovetail the knowledge and experience from both professions.
Being a Shiatsu therapist, I recognize the pressures of work that clients sometimes experience and thus can advise them to relax from time to times. In my work as a coach, I also pay attention to the balance between body and mind, and offer additional massages. After my certification in 2011, I built my home practice space and Shiatsu Massage Westerdok has started.
The work as a Shiatsu therapist is very satisfactory, because of the results one experiences, and most of all because of the trust that my clients show to me. I always think of that as a gift.